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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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september 2015. still very chilly outside. our thank you very much for working up with us.o and requests capable of. shy worrier. and he estimates the morning.
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this week number 4. testing rangers anytime soon. they 6:00 tonight for the rain holds off until late.. traffic time with patty, 5:01. keep that in mind is requiring
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in connection with this minutes from route 83 and from strongsville a 12 minute ride and 14 minutes from the turnpike to 490. >> top and the news this friday mike of a state trooper struck and killed a 990. >> we're learning more about th veteran officer happening in the state.
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this rate is mckinley exit. forty-eight -year-old kenneth was convicting traffic enforcement and was struck by car and thrown into the roadway. the free will remain closed for hours. troopers gathered at the medica center. his high school friend said thi man wants his jobt well done fo
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investigation continues a witness say this on and getting a field sobriety tests on the field and the highway celeriac.
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had an individual in the parkin lot last. reyes touch by it and everybody needs to grieve. we are better than a sponsor that just walked in. >> organizers say it's importan to demonstrate that ashland is strong community. field backk in maryland high
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cope with the depth of the clas night. the two of -- to put out messages will days. >> i could romanticize so is a ball before crying a lot of
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officers say 13 -year-old and pulled the -- and the officer shot him. the police chief of the picture of the trigger in salem expect very difficult to begins officers carry.. one day after three wins will youn see very progress in in the annual report card, cleveland the ccs. quarters, greater sherry, and a very play out. was you see --
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assault and it this morning and i see village in trouble it's 160 bucks go by the way.
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good morning, everybody. happy friday. sunshine for a little well
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going back again. i don't know the words to the song palm -- , that i love this song. it is 12 minutes of the 5:00 in the morning. we do weather and traffic every eight minutest on fox 8 news in the morning. magical percent by with look at the forecastm today. is good to be may start the day. >> there is. this but assignment about everything.. if you're putting songs by the red with the ball, would imagine you ran out of subjects. >> is that the 70s, wayne? >> i think those are the 60s. you are in amanda then. >> sixty-five. so the rumors are true. 64 degrees in cleveland right now. you saw the gorgeous sunset las night just moments ago.
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sunset it behind the clouds picnicds going to have that. temperature wise we been doing home four-month. this is the first 15 days of september. kidsda leave half of the month gone. we slope one temperature right there, 70 degrees above the average high temperature back o the seventh. we hung in there actually . one day right there we were i would else's been above. so how does look statistically now. wet are 5 degrees plus far abov the average put into anyov more than 2 degrees above the averag temperature. that is considered statisticall significant. it's inin the right direction i guess that cyprus been quite a month and very warm month. you can see cloud cover is absent computer -- computer models are thickeningp this afternoon. tonight at about 6:00, we're
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extreme western ohio. the plan is that not hold together and rain will begin in earnest until tonight into tomorrow. computer problems generated quite a bit of clean there. look at that. over half an inch of rain. the suit holds together. forecast and 80 degrees. morning seven increasing clouds. for tonight clouds and breezy and dry. the rain chances for the best midnight and then tomorrow breeze. thunderstorms are possible. notle looking like a severe weather day. here's an effort front and a little upper-level support the current at its energy for the thunderstorms. here is the eight day in the next eight days one word -- one little bump there. by monday sunny and pleasant.
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maybe thehe higher powers is saying picking me see this weekend. lacks. it's plastic and summer. we don't know what that has to do with it. thanks, aj. >> fifteen minutes up to 5:00. easy escape from jail. now the back behind bars. he simply walked out of a minimum security facility. >> this man wants to be our nex president. one ball he stopped this ugliness, this bigotry. >> new criticisms boat donald trump comments about the >> here's a live look at the inner belt bridge . looking good at this hour. step closer look at your commut for friday morning as we do
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57 degrees out there on your friday morningng. the sun is still hiding from us. for now hopefully not looking too bad out there. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes with a look at your morning commute. we have any. indian games at 7:. the tigers are in town and that means that bring a host of fans. so definitely get our kids in the stands tonight. it's dollar documents can beat ourselves. became gorgelv on hopefully win well. inner belt bridge will be close tonightllw 8-10 tomorrow mornin. so they shut down of the game starts. however, they have a
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into place approaching a 90. that will take out the left lan pits of that could hinder your commute as you come into downtown, especially if you're showing up to the game late. don't show up late. how about that. no problems are not as you come in ob her out of town. also trouble-free this morning. it read them to to:15.5. there below the $2 mark. here at it dollar 87. $1.89 on chevy boulevard and $1.99 at center pigeon milk .uick please go to the traffic tab an click on that and hopefully whe you do we will see lower pric in the neighborhood. >> the news this morning for clinton is dumping for votes ge after taking a few days off fro pneumonia. she criticized donald trump pau speaking to a caucus last night.
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born. and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. >> trump.'s campaign released i sync lunch the loop but he is going then click the finisher b singing that the president shal birth certificate five years go andnd visit in the accident police officers recovering after being attacked by a manta with the meat cleave after his car was given the parkinga. the 30 junior of man became angry. officers put the wheel block on the illegally parked car. an inch and got the
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this is a house were were in critical facing new charges. shane thomas was able to speak awayew wednesday night. yesterday he went to card to. took a picture in front of the car and left it.on officers spotted him mr. short time later and that i when he was arrested. >> pedal think he is an upwardl calling simpson galaxy note smart phones aree concerne cost fires. dozenserer -- of charging. bill shorts you several videos of this stopping. that is the receipt, sparking a the city commission turned the
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exchange them for the new ones. company said the new. note 70 will be in stores next week. in the meantime craze the bn calling nearly 2 million be vehiclesmeca for potentially de their big defect. so between 2010. fourteen.0. couldn't get it fixed that they sometimes failed to deploy and it is 5: 22 is your time. weather and traffic every eight minutes.. >> the browns owner welcomes ji graham back with the team. the hall of famer will get a ne honor this weekend. >> and a reminder that the ohio state will be right here on
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welcome back to fox 8 news on friday there checking the numbers. it'smb cool to start. fifty-four in cleveland. intoft the 40s and youngstown. posters 15 -- 40 degrees. for the cooler spots checks in at 53 as does alliance. not soa this, week might -- the 56 this cold front heading your way for tonight and tomorrow the associate way and perhaps some rumbles of thunder that as well.of that is pop storm julia.
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today the tropical storm just meandering on spin dry down there off the carolinas d. will break, morning sun will yield to think. back to you guys. >> thank you. the cups are having to play of 50. this is efficient to loading the bases in the third, made one mistake.
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the twins beat the tigers. soso tonight dollar dog night a all fence are being asked to clear win. >> the cleveland browns will honor jim brown before sunday's game stand in hisen honor. the number, 32 will be okay -- stanford. the crease place in the chant a yesterday consumer. the big congratulations to
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extend coverage on air and online tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> last night tonight columbus, this is the most since is the final game of the national team world. george record. >> :28 is your time. museum heights. the council's accuser taking
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good morning, everyone. it is friday, september 16 as w take a live look outside. is going to be a nice start to


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